Getting started with Oze Transactions

Click on the hamburger menu and click on transactions to start recording your sales and expenses in the Oze App.

What you need to know

Using the Oze business app to track your business sales and expenses is a fantastic way to keep your finances organized, gain valuable insights into your products, and make informed business decisions. Plus, with the added benefit of cloud backup, you can rest easy knowing that your transaction data is safe and sound even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.


Anytime you pay money to your supplier for products bought or anytime you receive money for goods, products or services sold or provided, this means you have conducted a transaction which needs to be entered in your Oze account as a sale or expense


When your customers pay you for goods sold to them or services provided it is termed as a sale.


This is when you pay your suppliers for goods bought from them or services they have provided for you

Let's Go

  1. Click on add a transaction at the home page or click on the hamburger menu at the top left of your screen and click on transactions
  2. Click either Sale or Expense to start your entries
  3. Choose your entry type by recording your transactions manually or adding them via a third party.

We'll be diving into the topic more in-depth shortly!

I’m sure you’re eager to enter your first sale already. Quickly click here to find out how!😉