How to Save Partial Transactions

Transactions that are partially paid should always be recorded in order to help you follow up with your customer until the last payment is made. Always remember to turn on the notification alerts to get reminded.

On the home page click on Add Sale

Step 1.  Add Item details
  • Select the transaction date
  • Under items, type the item name and click on the hyperlink to submit the item name
  • Ensure the Selling price and quantity sold are correct
  • Click on Receive Payment

Step 2. Add Payment details
  • Type the part payment amount under Amount Customer Paid, this should be less than the total amount
  • Select the payment method
  • Select payment due date
  • Click reminder button to get notifications to contact customer
  • Select preferred date to receive reminder
  • Click on Add customer button
Step 3. Add customer details
  • Add customer’s contact from your phone by clicking onSelect customer from contacts
  • You can also type customer’s details manually by filling in the Buyer’s name field and typing the buyer’s contact in the phone number field
  • Click on Save
  • Your transaction should be displayed in the transaction queue with payment status displayed as partial.
Congrats, partial transaction recorded successfully.