How to Search for Past Transactions on Your Dashboard

To search for details of sales or expenses recorded in the past, the filter feature is the tool for this assignment.

On the home page 

  1. Click on the hamburger menu ☰
  2. Click on Transactions
  3. Click on the Filter icon above the transactions dashboard
  4. Filter transaction type by selecting  All, Sales, or Expenses
  5. Click on the dropdown icon to select the particular category you want to capture or leave the section on All Categories to capture all transactions within the preferred period.
  6. Select a start date and an end date to cover the period in which the transactions were recorded
  7. Select a particular payment method, for example, if you want to capture all transactions paid via Bank Transfer, select Bank Transfer. 
  8. There are other options  like Cash, Mobile Money, and Debit Card available, however, if you want to capture transactions with all payment methods, click on All
  9. Select payment status by either clicking on All, Paid, Partially Paid, or Not Paid
  10. Click on Apply Filter
  11. The transaction dashboard is opened with all the transactions in Display
  12. Always remember to click on the x symbol by Filter Applied to release the filter in order to view all your transactions.

Congratulations transactions filtered successfully