How to Search for Past Transactions on Your Dashboard

To search for details of sales or expenses recorded in the past, the filter feature is the tool for this assignment.

Step 1

On the home page 

  1. Click on the hamburger menu ☰
  2. Click on Transactions
  3. On your transaction screen, you can search for transactions by the following parameters:
    1. Type (Sales or Expense)
    2. Category
    3. Payment status (Paid, Partially paid or Unpaid)
    4. Date (Today, Yesterday, This week, etc.)
    5. Delivery status (Delivered or Not Delivered)

Step 2

  1. Filter transaction type by selecting Sales or Expenses and tapping on APPLY button.
  2. Filter transactions by Category by selecting the particular category you want to capture. Click on the APPLY button.
  3. Select a start date period in which the transactions were recorded to filter by date. Click on the apply button.
  4. Select payment status by either clicking on Paid, Partially Paid, or Unpaid if you want to search for transactions under a specific payment status. Click on Apply.
  5. You can also filter for transactions based on their delivery status. 
  6. The transaction dashboard will show the specific transactions under the parameters you have selected. 
  7. To close a filter, always remember to click on Clear Filter button to release the filter in order to view all your transactions.

Congratulations transactions filtered successfully.