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Adding an employee to my Oze account

Open the menu and go to business settings and click employee managment. Then, add employee details and invite them!

Step 1: Open the Oze app 

Click on the app icon to open the app. When you do this, you should see the home screen. 

Step 2: Click on the menu bar that looks like a hamburger to the top left. 

  • Choose Settings
  • You will see two screen options, Personal & Business. 
  • Click on Business.
  • Tab on Employee Management to invite and manage employees using Oze. 
  • Under Employee Management,: 
  • You will see a guide showing how to add an employee account. Follow the prompts and click on Got it!
  • Click on All Employees to tab on Invite a New Employee
  • Select the role of the new employee and hit next. 
  • Insert the first and last name of the employee
  • Choose who this new employee reports to
  • Enter both phone number and email address of the new employee
  • Review the employee details entered into the app and set permissions on what the new employee can or cannot do or see in the app. 

Step 3: Click Send Invite to send a prompt to the new employee 

  • The new employee will receive both a text and email prompt about their new Oze account. 
  • The prompt will include their username, password and directions to login into their Oze app.

Congratulations, you have successfully added an employee to your account.